The unique nature of our manufacturing technology allows the use of materials which are easily recyclable, do not involve poisonous elements and are environment-friendly. We should point out our independent position in terms of environment protection, which is also proven by the ISO 14001 international certificate we were granted in 2000.

Integral parts of our corporate philosophy also include a safe work environment and complex care of employees and their leisure time activities.

Concerned technology

Our manufacturing process is as environment-friendly as possible, using the unique surface finish technology of the electrostatic application of enamel powder based on natural silicates. All elementary materials such as plate, enamel powders or final product packaging are natural materials. Scrap plate is recycled and cardboard packaging is accepted at secondary raw material collection points. Disused or damaged tubs are accepted at these points as well (unlike plastic or acrylate tubs which are very demanding in disposal process terms and impose a heavy burden on the environment).

Usually, it is the phase of surface pre-treatment that imposes the most significant burden on the environment (caustic agents, poisons, sludge, etc). Reactive basic enamel makes it possible to avoid nickel plating in the pre-treatment process and avoid polluting the environment with heavy metals. By selecting suitable chemical agents for this phase of the manufacturing process we have managed to decrease bath operating temperatures, the concentration of agents as well as water consumption. All poisonous agents have been entirely eliminated from the manufacturing process and all the agents we use are biologically decomposable (except for sulphuric acid).

The most important feature of this manufacturing technology is the process in which the enamel powder coating formation is controlled by Coulomb's Law. The elements which do not participate in the process of coating formation are fully recycled for another coating.

Our ambition to further enhance the quality of our products has resulted in developing special anti adhesiveand hydrophobic coatings the effects of which significantly reduce the consumption of cleaning agents and thus waste water pollution.

We should also point out our independent position in terms of environment protection, which is proven by the ISO 14001 international environment management certificate we were granted in 2000.

Working area

Building up the manufacturing process with demanding technology had required developing a new concept of work discipline for all of our employees. One of the fundamental prerequisites for a successful business was to create a level of work discipline where a tidy workplace, strict checks on operations and transparent responsibilities of all teams at all manufacturing sections would go without saying.

That we do have in mind the well-being of our employees can also be observed at the Filakovo manufacturing premises where tennis courts and a paddock for leisure riding have been developed for the employees to unwind and relax.

The firm organises sports events several times a year to support fair play spirit, to build up loyalty and our corporate culture and help employees get to know each other.

The highlight of winter ball season is the annual ball held by the firm, providing a nice opportunity for our employees and their relatives to meet and enjoy a representative cultural event.