Company profile

Festap Ltd. was established in 1993. The founders recruited experts in enamelling technology who had been in the business for many years.

It is by no chance that the original plant that applied the enamelling technology, however conservative was situated near the town of Filakovo. The tradition of the enamelling industry had been around in the region since 1908. 

The unique manufacturing process is based on a new physical principle called the dry principle that is characterised by the application of a powdered enamel in a electrostatic field. This process allows high quality enamel coating to be achieved which is also certified by the ISO 9002 international standard certificate. Our manufacturing capacity for enamelled steel tubs and shower trays reaches 300,000 pcs a year. This capacity has made us focus on exports. Currently, the firm exports up to 85% of total output. We have successfully realised the innovative enamelling technology for many European manufacturers in the enamelling business so far. 

FESTAP is the first firm in the world which applied a high-efficiency manufacturing process that deals with all the environmental issues of enamelled product manufacturing with no compromises. We have been granted a ISO 14001 international certificate, the fact of which also shows the quality level of our environmental measures applied in the manufacturing technology. Moreover, we have developed special anti adhesive and hydrophobic coatings which eventually reduce the consumption of cleaning agents and, subsequently, waste water pollution. 

We should like to point out our independent position in terms of both technology and economy. This is because we keep not only the know-how for frits production, powder enamel production from frits and coating technology, but we also have available all the corresponding processing lines. Currently, no firm is able to compete against the quality of our enamelled coatings and final products. We also are permanently working on quality improvements.

Our current selection of products includes nearly one hundred enamelled steel tubs, shower trays and massage tubs manufactured in various versions.

Trademark Estap

onas-profil-img01The registered trademark estap® is an abbreviation which refers to the enamelling technology process and stands for electrostatic powder application. This technology, a unique process developed under know–how coming from the Slovak Republic, is the strategic essence of the enamelling process applied to our products.

In the light of what has been pointed out it should be said that estap products make a difference, compared to other products, particularly in engineering and aesthetic quality and their lifetime.


Aesthetics & Philosophy

The chief pillars upon which our firm is based include modern and esthetical design, ambitions to influence moral values and to educate the wide public. The management of FESTAP wish not only to implement esthetical criteria in the designing process of estap® products, but also to develop esthetical taste and support aesthetics applied in the work process.

Building up professional morals relates to rethinking the narrow concept of work and achieving the concept of the work place with a high level of added value. Our employees can unwind after work and use the leisure time potential of the firm's premises. In addition, we are devoted to enhancing our corporate culture and loyalty of our employees. To achieve this, we hold sports and cultural events throughout the year which are received with great zest by our employees and their relatives.





  International Trophy for Technology (Frankfurt)  
  Crystal Cup - Coneco 94 (Bratislava)  
  1994   Slovak Gold - tubs Classic and Atlantic  
  Certificate of Merit - Habitat 95 (Prague)  
  Principal Prize - Coneco 97 (Bratislava)  
  Slovak Gold - tub Aqua I.  
  Grand Prix - FOR ARCH 98 (Banská Bystrica)  
  ISO 9002 and ISO 14001  
  2000   Certificate of Merit - DAFNE model - Coneco 00  
  Certificate of Merit - Perla Extra Quattro - Coneco 01  
  Certificate granted by Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic on estap® products compliance with environment protection requirements